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After 20 years in the IT industry, we decided to alter direction. Now, we want to share our experience and help you as business owners to navigate the fast changing technology landscape and simplifying it by moving them onto the Microsoft Office 365 platform for Business. We are experts in training your staff and provide immediate value based business automation you need to succeed.

Our Approach

Help saving you money!

Our service includes a free comprehensive consult to discuss and understand your business and help identify opportunities to make it even better. We'll look at the money you currently spend on applications and provide a comprehensive report that outlines how the functionality you have is covered by the Microsoft O365 platform for a fraction of the cost.

Why Us?

We already have a lot of satisfied customers that trust us with their business. Our implementations are very flexible and accommodate the fact that you still have a business to run and that requirements can change along the way. Everybody can use a friend in the technology business. Call us today.

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Wouter Roodenburg

 - Owner and Principal Consultant -

REFLEX Business Solutions Consulting

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